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A resident of The Free port of Vladivostok, a new high-tech coal terminal to be launched in 2023. It will allow coal transshipment of up to 18 million tons of coal per year and will create an opportunity for the Russian coal mining companies to considerably expand their export to the Asia-Pacific region.

LAVNA Specialized Coal Transshipment Complex

A high-tech deep-water port on the Kola Bay in the the Lavna River mouth. Strategically important federal project, which is being developed on the public-private partnership terms. It is planned to be launched in 2024. The production capacity is 20 million tons of coal per year.

ALTAIVAGON Production Complex

One of Russia’s largest railcar manufacturers. The complex manufactures modern boxcars, open cars, platforms and tank cars. It also develops and manufactures innovative models of freight railway rolling stock for major operators.

ITLS Transport Company

The company transports cargoes of all nomenclature groups by rail and provides freight forwarding services along the 5 ft and 1520 mm gauge railways.

Multimodal carrier SCL

The company Special Container Lines has been operating in the field of international transportation since 2020, provides any type of logistics services, outsources foreign economic activity and cargo insurance.