We manage transport and production companies in Russia and provide global transport and logistics solutions

We develop and improve industry infrastructure, support the progress of our partners and customers, and enhance the country’s export potential

Our areas of interest include project development, attraction and evaluation, and project management. PIDC has competence and in-depth expertise in marketing, engineering, financial management, law, local and international logistics, including merchant shipping.

Project Development
and Management

Manage assets
Analyze and evaluate the investment attractiveness of projects
Formulate concepts for the development of projects and territories, taking into account macroeconomic potential
Analyze technical, economic and financial parameters
Describe infrastructure, organizational and legal forms and project roadmaps
Design and develop master plans
Deploy and commission facilities
We are one of the transport industry leaders; we focus on productivity and technology and strive to be the number one company for our partners and clients.

Complex Industry-specific Solutions

Complex logistics is our primary field, but it is not our only area of interest. Our company is improving, we are looking for new ideas and breaking new ground.
Our field of action is not limited to transportation, escort and cargo service — we have set up a system in which participants with different demands, separated by enormous distances, interact with each other. This system is reliable and resilient to economic and political impacts.
Since 2018 PIDC has been investing in infrastructure and production assets. The companies we manage are high-tech, we create new logistics solutions and routes.

> 5 years of investing